Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design


Milano Espresso Lounge, the new flagship location for Milano Coffee Roasters in Vancouver, is a change-of-use renovation project.

The cafe’s brand identity, business approach and vision, were used as a conceptual language that shaped the interior of the new space. A lot of the existing conditions of the previous use were taken advantage of in-order to have a lesser impact on the space and reduce construction waste. Also, many of the materials used for the designed furniture and wall art used recycled products.



The art of Torrefazione – a time honoured roasting and blending craftsmanship – being the client’s main focus, was the main deriver of the spatial planning of the interior. Simplified, 3 steps were derived from this craft:

Selecting Raw coffee beans – Roasting and blending – Extracting and savouring

These steps were then used as a concept to divide the interior space into three inter-relating areas:


This approach not only provided a better sense of scale within the long rectangular interior with high ceilings by breaking it up into smaller sections, it also addressed different purposes:

  • Raw – front entrance to Capture
  • Roast – the coffee bar to Engage
  • Savor – back lounge to Entertain


The seating type and arrangements were designed an selected with attention to scale and spatial relation.



The main serve station in kept central with bar for a more convenient access from the bar and the two seating sections at RAW and SAVOR. There’s a second serve station design at the back for busy times.

The Bar itself acts as the main display with its back wall dedicated to retail products. There are two built-in cases at the of the cafe, SAVOR area, that display retail merchandise as well.



EXHBIT THRESHOLD – The client begin an artist inspired the use of a transitional area at the back of the space into “an exhibit room”; linking Cafe Culture and the Arts. The objective was to create a flow, and provide an opportunity to expose local talent.

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